Daoud is the Strategic Sourcing Leader at Lion, where he is responsible for championing the employer brand, developing the sourcing strategy, and being a thought leader for talent acquisition across the group.

Daoud has had a varied and interesting career spanning several continents and industry sectors in prominent companies as a manager and consultant. Prior to his current role at Lion, he spent several years in agency; honing his craft as a Principal at HJB and then as a Director of Stonewater Consulting, providing extensive advisory services in the realm of HR, recruitment and employer branding to a number of leading businesses in the Asia Pacific region.

Daoud’s diverse career background make him a credible, exceptional professional in his field. He has strong industry expertise and excellent communication skills in providing strategic advice to others. Daoud Edris has an innate ability to build immediate rapport when personalising solutions and is highly effective in inspiring action amongst others.

Peter Boyle
Australian Catholic University